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You don’t know you’re beautiful!

I know it’s been a few weeks since the London 2012 Olympics closed, but it still feels very fresh in my head. Even as I waited to board my flight to Brisbane to see the Hamburg Ballet, the incoming flight was filled with Green & Gold tracksuit clad Aussie Olympians returning home. A medal was also proudly displayed right before my eyes!

I think of the dedication, discipline and precision of the athletes striving for the highest goals…

I think of the post-event interviews and the number of times I heard athletes say, “I stuck to my race plan and did the best I could on the day”. Even in the face of defeat, they had their self-talk in the right place and didn’t let the shadow-voice of perfectionism talk themselves into the ground… Much for dancers to learn from…

But, the main thing that has stuck in my head and that I wanted to write about is actually

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I am from pink tights and leotards…

I thought I would begin my blog with a poem, some snippets of my life as a dancer…

I am from pink tights and leotards, from good toes and naughty toes and hair pulled tight with too many hairpins.

I am from the studio with the poster of feet in 5th – the one with the frayed leg-warmers and the worn through ballet shoes – whose limbs I remember as if they were my own.

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