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How to stay positive whilst injured

Injury can bring on feelings of significant loss. I’m sure you’ll agree, as a performer, you become so deeply connected with your work, that it really becomes how you identify yourself. Often we aren’t consciously aware of this sense of identity, until something changes. Read More
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Moving away to pursue your career? 5 tips for a smooth transition

Are you moving to a new school? Or perhaps you’ve landed your first performance job? Although the process of change may feel daunting, being prepared can help make the adjustment as smooth as possible. Seeing beyond the symptoms and responding practically to change will aid you through this transition. Read More
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Are your beliefs keeping you from performing at your peak?

I love it when dancers and performers 'get it'...When the light bulb goes on and they start to realise how much their mindset impacts their performance. This is where the magic happens and performance breakthroughs appear! #mindsetiseverything Read More
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A Beginner Stage Mum’s Tale

Stage Mum The term has a bit of a sour edge to it, wouldn’t you say? Not something you’d intentionally define yourself as. “I’m not one… Read More

Even Principals Need Help Believing In Themselves

As we gear up for the Believe In Yourself online course that’s coming up quickly – next week (!) I’ve enjoyed chatting with Stephan… Read More

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