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How to stay positive whilst injured

Injury can bring on feelings of significant loss. I’m sure you’ll agree, as a performer, you become so deeply connected with your work, that it really becomes how you identify yourself. Often we aren’t consciously aware of this sense of identity, until something changes. Read More
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Will I Ever Be Good Enough? 5 Ways to Tell You’re Improving

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, like you’re running on a treadmill but not getting anywhere? The challenges you face in the performance world may seem... Read More
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When to be hard on yourself as a performer

So, last week I shared this post on social media that resonated with a lot of people: “Be hard on yourself when you want… Read More

10 Reasons Improvisation Should Be An Integral Part of All Vocational Ballet Training

After watching the first day of the Prix de Lausanne livestream yesterday, I have to admit, something that the Prix’s artistic director, Amanda… Read More

Even Principals Need Help Believing In Themselves

As we gear up for the Believe In Yourself online course that’s coming up quickly – next week (!) I’ve enjoyed chatting with Stephan… Read More

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